Rajagopalaswamy Temple

Rajagopalaswamy Temple is a Vaishnavite shrine located in the town of Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu. It is devoted to Rajagopalaswamy, an avatar of Lord Krishna. Kulothuga Chola was constructed this temple and its expanded by the successive Kings Chola Empire, Rararaja Chola III, Rajendra Chola III, Thanjavur Nayaks,Achyuta Devaraya. This ancient temple was massively expanded by Thanjavur Nayaks during the 16th century. This temple is Dakshina Dwarka for Hindus along with Guruvayoor.

RajaGopalaSwamy Temple
RajaGopalaSwamy Temple

This temple has 24Shrines, 7mandapams, 9theerthams, 16gopurams and 7prakarams. Haridra Nadhi is the temple tank for this temple. It’s one of the largest temple tank in India. The huge temple tower, at a height of 154 ft. is fourth tallest among vishnu temples and can be seen from 5-10 kms away as one drives into Mannargudi

Rajagopalaswamy Temple is known for annual Panguni Brahmotsavam (Mar 15-Apr 15) for a period of 18 days. A bronze idol of Lord Krishna which belonged to Chola period is taken out for the procession during the chariot festival.

Phone : 04367 222276


Sunday8:30am–12pm 4:30–9pm
Monday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm
Tuesday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm
Wednesday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm
Thursday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm
Friday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm
Saturday8:30am–12:15pm 4:30–9pm

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